Why We Hiked the Appalachian Trail with Four Kids

By Eric
December 11, 2021
I am the dad of this crazy crew. My favorite color is deep red. So far, my favorite spot has been Istanbul Turkey. I own a digital marketing agency that allows us to travel fulltime and I offer coaching/consulting for others who want to build a location-independent business.

We Hiked a Section of the Appalachian Trail as a Family of Six

In May of 2021, we sectioned hiked southbound the state of Maryland on the Appalachian Trail.

While we may not do it again, we are glad we did it.

Each of us learned something important about ourselves, and our family.

How We Prepared for our Appalachian Section Hike as a Family

After we made the decision to go on this adventure, we began where most people get started.  On YouTube.

We watched hundreds of hours of videos about gear, hiking tips, how to go to the bathroom, meal planning, and more.  

After we started to feel more comfortable by learning a ton, we started to gather gear.  We got most of our gear from REI and some from Amazon.

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We are a family of six.  And, as part of our kid’s education; they are helping create content.  We like to adventure and travel together as a family. And our desire behind this site is to inspire other families to spend more time together.

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