Keeping and Creating Holiday Traditions as a Traveling Family

November 7, 2022
Hey, my name is Marissa and I am the wife and mom in this group. Some of my favorite things are Downton Abbey, black coffee, any Beth Moore study, and the color purple. I’ve currently been to 5 continents, and one place I’ll always travel back to is London, England.



As a full time traveling family, holidays can be tricky. First you have the “what holidays DO we celebrate?” question to sort out. Then you have the “are there any holidays that we need to be back in our passport country for ”. Not to mention the “when I was growing up we celebrated like (fill in the blank with the amazing holiday tradition you had when you were young). Knowing how to manage these important yearly events can help you live your best nomadic life as a family. 

In this episode of Digital Nomad Family Podcast I will help you feel as confident as you can about keeping and creating Holiday traditions as a nomad family.

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