Gift Giving Guide for Digital Nomad Kids (and their parents)

By Eric
November 23, 2022
I am the dad of this crazy crew. My favorite color is deep red. So far, my favorite spot has been Istanbul Turkey. I own a digital marketing agency that allows us to travel fulltime and I offer coaching/consulting for others who want to build a location-independent business.

Getting gifts for Digital Nomads is tricky enough with all the special considerations of space and weight limits.  Now add to that the fact that the digital nomad is a kid, and the challenge becomes even more difficult.

So, if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even parent of a digital nomad kid, we believe these ideas are both practical for travel and useful for most digital nomads.


Gift Ideas for Digital Nomads From The Video

In full disclosure, each of our kids has their own Amazon Affiliate ID, so if you click on a link under their name and make a purchase on Amazon, they will earn a commission.  We only let them promote items they use and believe in.

Rilee Shared:

Marissa Shared:

Ryan Shared:

Ryan likes to travel with things he can use to do trick shots.  In fact, you see one of his trick-shot videos here.

Martin Shared

Martin actually wrote a blog post article about his soccer ball pump.  The kids write blog posts as school assignments.  You can read his blog post here on how to travel with a soccer ball.

Eric Shared:

Gift Ideas Shared By Other Digital Nomads When Asked on Facebook

We asked in a Facebook group for ideas for gifts for digital nomads.  Here are some of those suggestions:

These are ideas from digital nomad parents and what their kids enjoy!

Digital Nomad Gift Ideas Not in the Video That Are Actually Useful

Here are some additional ideas.  Some we travel with, some we don’t:

Gifts for Digital Nomads for Health and Safety:

You can’t safely drink the water in every country.  For solo travelers, buying water is normal.  But for a family, buying water can add up.  This handy water filter fits on most sink faucets.

The Sawyer Water Filter fits Most Taps –


It is common for AirBNBs and apartments in many countries to not have smoke detectors.

We travel with two and place them as high up as we can.

These expandable wipes have been very handy.  In some countries, you either aren’t provided toilet paper in public bathrooms or you have to pay for it.  These wipes are great for emergency TP, cleaning up hands and faces, and so much more.


General Gift Ideas for Digital Nomads:

The GoPro.

The versatility of this gaming system makes it ideal for travel.