November 15, 2022
Hi, my name is Martin I am 15 years old. I am the oldest of my siblings, and my favorite places have been Istanbul, Turkey, and France. My favorite color is red. And for me, soccer is the best sport, and for me Messi is the king of soccer.


I like to travel with a soccer ball because it’s my favorite sport. I like having a soccer ball with me so I can play when I want to.

If I put the ball into my backpack it would take up to much space if I didn’t deflate it. If you don’t deflate your ball it could explode in the airplane.

Since I deflate my soccer ball on an airplane, I use my electric pump to inflate it when I get to where we are staying next.

I recommend traveling with an electric pump because it’s much easier and cheap hand pumps can break easier. I also like my pump because it has a flashlight. You can also choose how much air to put inside your ball.

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