Why you Should travel with Binoculars

By Ryan
November 8, 2022
Hi my name is Ryan Dingler. I am a 10 year old boy. my favorite country is Prague so far. My favorite color is green. My favorite place in the world is the Amazon jungle so far. And I also loved animals since I was born. I still love him to this day. I hope you learned about me in this little

Hi I am going to talk about the amazing  binoculars!! It has 2 settings , eyeglass mode, and normal. Something 10 feet away feels like 1 foot away, these binoculars are perfect for the Amazon rainforest.

Definitely recommend getting these binoculars. And the lenses cover connect to the binoculars, that’s very useful cus I lose stuff🫤.

Conclusion; Buy these binoculars because it zooms in really really close. And its not easy to break. It makes things 10 feet away feel like 1 foot away. The lenses cover connect to the binoculars.


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