Top Five Things to Keep You Occupied if You are a Digital Nomad

November 22, 2022
Hey, My name is Rilee. I am twelve years old and I’m the second youngest, but firstborn, in the family. My favorite color is black, I have ADHD and I also LOVE anime and manga. My favorite spots in the world so far are Istanbul, Turkey & Prague, Czech Republic.

I love traveling! But sometimes it’s hard to know what to do if you are bored. So here are my top five things to keep you occupied if you are a digital nomad.

#1: Learn a New Skill.

I get bored very easily. So I start something new! If you want to learn how to play video games, crochet, knit, draw, and so much more, don’t be afraid to learn something new. There are so many videos on YouTube, and other websites to learn all these skills. And if you are a girl and you learn how to knit, you might become a grandmother with an unhealthy obsession with knitting!

For instance, I have learned how to crochet:


#2: Go Somewhere .

If you are bored and you don’t wanna learn a new skill, just go to a park, the mall, or a museum . And if you are a kid then ask your parent to go somewhere. (tip from another kid: don’t get mad if they say “no”, it’ll just make things worse)


Come on! Who hasn’t been so bored that they take a nap?

#4: Read or Listen to a Book.

I love reading! But you might be thinking “but I don’t have any books?! I’m a digital  nomad?!” WELP I got you covered! There is an app called “hoopla” where you can download TONS of books, audio books, music, (I don’t really understand the music part) and also movies! And I will put a link for this app at the end of this blog.

#5 Talk to Your friends.

Whether you made friends in the country you are living in at the time, or you have friends that you can communicate with in your home country, staying in contact with them is a perfect way to get unbored. And if you don’t have friends then play with your mom, dad, or siblings.



If you are bored then find something to do. You could learn something new, go somewhere, sleep, read, or call your friends! 


I hope you found this helpful! If you did please make sure to look for our new blogs every week and to sign up for our email list so we can contact you!



Here’s the online reading app! You can use it online or download their app! 


And if you want to learn how to crochet like me, then go check out Bella Coco channel: