I’m Marissa and I travel the world full-time with my husband and 4 kids.

We love being a nomadic family! But the transition into this lifestyle wasn’t the easiest. Becuase of that I decided to create Digital Nomad Family Podcast.

This is a place where families can learn how to travel full-time and thrive! Thank you so much for joining us here. I hope that this is a place you find answers to your questions, fuel for you passion to travel, and tips to manage this lifestyle well.

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Roaming Residence: Leaving Well and Why it’s Important

This episode is focused on LEAVING! What needs to happen so that you leave the space in as good, if not better, shape than when you got there? I believe that leaving a long-term stay is very important because many hosts have negative views on long-term stays, and if I leave a space poorly that host might decide to stop doing long-term stays altogether!

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Roaming Residence: Protecting Yourself and Your Wallet

This episode is focused on protection. I talk about protecting yourself (especially your wallet) while traveling from place to place. What can you do to make the space you’re stay more kids friendly? What can you do to make moving out easier? What can you do to make sure you don’t get random charges for damage or broken cups? This episode will go into detail about all that and more!

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Roaming Residence: 7 Must Ask Questions about Your New Location

This episode is focuses on 7 questions that I believe are vital to learn the answer to in order to feel settled in your new location. Some of these are about the space itself, some are about the town as a whole. There are even more question in the Settling In Guide so make sure you get that so you have all the questions!

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Roaming Residence: New House Check In

This episode is focused on checking the new place for certain items that a family needs. Some of these items will be very reasonable to ask the host/homeowner to supply if they are not in the space when you get there. Others will simply be comfort items, but will allow you have feel “at home” in a new place.

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How To Renew Your Passport while OUTSIDE your Passport Country

Passports are required for this lifestyle, we know that. But if you need to renew your OR your kids’ passports while your out of your passport country?

Not to worry! This episode is all about how to renew your passport while not in your home country. What you need, how it’s done, what you need to take with you, etc. 

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