Leading Our Families Well: Mental Health

December 5, 2022
Hey, my name is Marissa and I am the wife and mom in this group. Some of my favorite things are Downton Abbey, black coffee, any Beth Moore study, and the color purple. I’ve currently been to 5 continents, and one place I’ll always travel back to is London, England.



PART 1 of our Leading Our Families Well Series.

In this episode we get to hear from Tiphini Axtell (be sure you check out their WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM) all about leading our families mental health well.

Tiphini shares so many wonderful thoughts in this episode and I can’t wait for you to listen! Mental health can be a hard area to lead well in our families, but this episode will not only encourage you to do so, but also give you ideas for HOW to lead this part of your family stongly.


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Check out this episode!

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