How to Take Your Family From Where You Are To Living As Digital Nomads

October 16, 2022

We had a really great question come in.  Someone asked us how to get started as digital nomads.


We Have Four Suggestions


There Is a Solution to Every Problem

There are a load of unique challenges with this lifestyle.  It would be easy to ask so many question, you “how” the idea right off the table.

You will need to have a mindset of now “how?”, but instead “this is how!!!” you can do this.

Take a Test Trip

Here are some additional resources for a test trip:

Do It Your Way

There are lots of ways to live this lifestyle.  In fact; there are probably ways that haven’t even been tried yet.  So, as you are learning; don’t try and copy others’ journeys just live your own.

Find Podcasts, YouTube Channels, and Blogs to Binge

There are no shortages of resources.  Just search “digital nomad ________” on Google or YouTube and you’ll have plenty of resources.


You Ask It

This video is the first in our planned series of You Asked We Answered videos

Ask us anything about this lifestyle and our family will reply with an answer.