Disaster Diaries: Exploring Worst Case Scenarios; Travel Blues

July 3, 2023
Hey, my name is Marissa and I am the wife and mom in this group. Some of my favorite things are Downton Abbey, black coffee, any Beth Moore study, and the color purple. I’ve currently been to 5 continents, and one place I’ll always travel back to is London, England.

In this series we are going to talk about some of the “worst case” situation, each episode will highlight 1 area of being a Digital Nomad Family that doesn’t get talked about often, but I really do feel like these are all very important topics that we must address in order to be as responsible Digital Nomads as possible.

Have you even secretly wished you were back in your passport country? Have you even looked at your suitcase and thought “if I have to pack you 1 more time, I’m gonna kick you out of a train!”? Do you ever feel guilty for missing an event back “home” that you may have made an effort to go to if you were in the country?

Then you’re in good company! Let’s talk about the travel blues that full time travel can bring and 5 ideas to help us get through it.


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