5 Favorite Things: Random Edition

October 31, 2022
Hey, my name is Marissa and I am the wife and mom in this group. Some of my favorite things are Downton Abbey, black coffee, any Beth Moore study, and the color purple. I’ve currently been to 5 continents, and one place I’ll always travel back to is London, England.

The 6th of 6. This one is for all things random. There’s no logic here people! So please don’t try to find it. These are just things that I, Marissa, mother of nonsense, enjoy and find helpful as I travel full time with my family. So, without future ado, or sponsorship, I show you my 5 Favorite Random items for travel. If you want any of these things please click on the link below, I get a small commission from Amazon if you buy through my links.

Wysi Wipes: We found out about these guys when planning a backpacking trip, and boy are they great! They come in a few different sizes, but we really like the smaller ones. I always have a few in my bag. They are great for cleaning faces, wiping off dirty swings at a park, cleaning a dirty table, and so much more! You can use any liquid to make them big, including rubbing alcohol to clean cuts. But we only do water. They are great! 

Shopping Bags: Ok, full disclosure, I don’t have these ones, BUT they are on my list to get! I love how small they get and they have a zipper! That would be great for using as a beach/park/school/personal item bag! Having our own grocery bags is great because that way I don’t have to pay for bags at each new place, and it’s better for the environment than always getting plastic ones. 

Reusable water bottle: Ok, I understand if you don’t want THIS water bottle. But hear me out! Grayl is a fantastic company with a solid product. Not only can you use this to filter water if you are at a place where you question the quality of drinking H2O, but you can also use it as a “normal” water bottle without the filter factor. I think the size is great, but I like a bottle on the smaller side, I don’t like lugging a huge thing around the world. 

Amazon FireStick: It’s small, it’s convenient, it’s just nice! While a lot of places that we stay have smart TV’s it’s so very nice to not have to log in and log out of all the different accounts we have just to watch TV! We went on our test trip without this and for us, having it is better than not. If you like to watch shows on multiple apps, I’d highly suggest sticking this in your bag. 

Extra Phone protectors: Accidents happen…just ask my phone about Paris…and when they do it’s nice to have a backup screen protector to put on. These really don’t take up that much space, and being about to put a new one on without shopping around for one in a new country is nice. We didn’t buy an entire pack of these for each phone. We bought the pack in the USA, put one on our phones, then brought the ones that were left with us. 


Ok, that’s it! The last list of my 5 Favorite Things. What about you? What random item do you travel with that you truly think makes travel better for your family? Let me know either via an email or over on Instagram

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