Make Life Easier In Each New Location

The faster you get settled in your new location, the faster everyone get’s comfortable, feels safer, and begins enjoying the new location.

Hi, I’m Marissa…

I was able to create this Settling In Guide based on 7 countries on 4 continents. After turning numerous houses into a home for my family, I know that I can help you do this faster, easier, and cheaper than if you did it without this resource.

This resource will allow you to have 1 document that you use again and again in each new space to turn it into a home. It also helps you think through each new place to save you money in the long-run as a full time traveler.

This guide will become your go-to resource each time you pack up and settle into a new house because it will hold your first few meal ideas for almost any country, a shopping list for the first time at the grocery store, important questions to ask about your new home city, and much more.

Some highlights of this guide are: pro tips from a seasoned traveler about saving money and making the best home you can, a place to collect all your thoughts about things YOU’RE family needs/wants in a new home, and ways to keep your family (and wallet) safe as you move from one place to another.

Instant Access…

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